A software-defined future: the key to customer-centric transformation

A Customer Success Story: Kajima Corporation

Lenovo’s mobile workstations pair seamlessly with VR & AI technology for a complete package.
Dec 14

A Customer Success Story: Smart Shopping Carts by SmartCart OY

Finnish technology company Smartcart Oy is bringing a smarter, richer and more personal way to shop – with digitized shopping carts powered by reliable Lenovo Tab 4 tablets.
Oct 31

A Customer Success Story: THIS NHS

Find out how the Health Informatics Service NHS saved both time and money by setting up a new training centre with easy-to install, flexible-to-use Lenovo devices.
Oct 8

A Customer Success Story: The University of Wolverhampton Racing

UWR is innovating the processes of car manufacturing & racing from the ground up by working out of next-generation automotive workshops powered by Lenovo ThinkStation workstations.
Oct 8

A Customer Success Story: ENGEL

ENGEL adopts IT standardization as a winning strategy
Oct 8

A Customer Success Story: Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection Co.

Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection Co. Ltd. (FETC) was established in 2004 in Taipei, Taiwan. The company is engaged in the planning, designing, building, testing, and operation of electronic toll collection systems.
May 9