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Windows 7 EOS: we just have to let it go

In just over a year, Windows 7 finally goes out of free extended support. You can carry on with it, but there’ll be no updates, no tech support available and, perhaps most important, no security updates. Every passing day will make your systems more vulnerable, unless you’re happy to pay a fee for continued service. It’s understandable to want to stay with something that has worked well, but the fact is the technology that got us to the moon won’t even get you in the building today.
Mar 7

Lenovo Products & Acessories for SMB: Helping Improve Productivity

Lenovo's device multipliers ranging from docks to input devices and visuals, help employees to do more in less time and enable users with different job roles to extract the full potential of their devices, thereby boosting productivity.
Dec 13

Buyer's Guide: Increased Productivity Without a Theory Lesson

Lenovo has solutions to bridge the productivity gap, practically and easily.
Dec 13

Nutanix Xpress Running on Lenovo Appliances Help SMB Run Their IT Infrastructure

The Lenovo Converged HX 2000 Series appliances with integrated Nutanix Xpress software address the IT needs of smaller organisations.
Jul 29