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ThinkSmart Hub 500 Video

This is a PC based meeting room solution that takes advantage of Skype for business & MS Teams. Connects to 2 external monitors, webcam, & external devices for presentations.
Sep 23

Artificial Intelligence & Conversational Computing: Voice in the Machine

Are your employees more comfortable speaking face-to-digital assistant than face-to-face with colleagues?
May 21

Smarter than the average workplace?

The best workplace is, by any sensible definition, not merely a place of work, but the place in which people work ‘most efficiently’. And according to recent research, a whole range of factors is fundamentally shifting the very perception of what that means. In short, changing workplace dynamics demand a complementary change in technological and HR thinking…
Jan 18

The Workplace of the Future

How we work is undergoing major changes. Workplaces are transforming into collaboration spaces, no one has a fixed desk, computers are no longer tied to a single user & boardrooms are virtual.
Jul 29