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Lenovo’s range of globally certified ThinkEdge® PCs, powered by the Intel vPro® platform, gives you greater power in a smaller footprint, so your processing power can be discreetly tucked away at the edge of your business, ready for action.
By 2025 55.6% of all data will come from IoT Devices.
ThinkEdge® devices are built for the data needs of tomorrow. You need faster processing power. You need security, you need scalability, and you need it all to work in a wide range of environmental conditions. By collecting the right data and keeping it on hand and secure for when it’s needed, businesses can become more efficient, more insightful and more competitive.
Enabling the Edge with Lenovo OEM Solutions
Watch our webinar ‘Enabling the Edge with Lenovo OEM Solutions’ to hear our Lenovo and Intel experts discuss innovation at the edge. Learn how Lenovo ThinkEdge devices powered by the Intel vPro® platform are already bringing the benefits of IoT to many verticals.
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Security is not just something to consider once data has been created. Security should start with the design and production of any data handling device.

With Lenovo ThinkShield’s 360° protection, you can be confident that production and manufacture is secure. Individual components are supplied by a tight-knit network of suppliers directly overseen by Lenovo. Strict transparency and security measures are followed throughout manufacture to deliver secure Edge PCs with smarter design features.

Built-in, self-healing BIOS and self-encrypting drives in ThinkEdge® devices protect your systems and data throughout their lifecycle. In a world where data security is more complex than ever, Lenovo ThinkShield makes it easier for you to protect your data.

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ThinkEdge SE30

Whether you mount your ThinkEdge® SE30 Edge PC on a wall, tuck it under a desk, or hide it behind a monitor, at just 0.81L your ThinkEdge® device resides discreetly, right beside the action.

Powerful 11th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 vPro® processors for industrial computing, up to 1T SSD storage and superfast DDR4 memory means it isn’t just the Edge PC that is right where it’s needed. Your data can be kept at the edge of your business, ready for action, making everyday tasks faster and smoother, even in the most challenging environments.

We work with some of the biggest names in industry to deliver IoT solutions that fit seamlessly within your wider IoT ecosystem, certified by all leading edge ISV and cloud service provider platforms such as AWS Greengrass, Microsoft Azure IoT and IBM.

Data when you desire it

The latest 11th Generation Intel® Core™ vPro® processors use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to deliver the insights you need in an instant. This smaller, fan-less 0.81L unit can be kept right at the edge of your business for even lower latency.

Ready to handle the heat

Built to face the most hostile of environments, ThinkEdge SE30 has a thermal range of, -20-60C and MIL SPEC tested to withstand life on the Edge - whatever that looks like.

Security assured from the first component

Security of your Lenovo ThinkEdge device starts at concept and continues through manufacture, delivery and beyond. From a closely controlled supply chain to clever security features such as RSA encryption, Secure Boot, Kensington lock slot, smart USB protection and more.

Slots right into your edge infrastructure

Easily connect to other IoT devices or use your ThinkEdge® device as a bridge to connect LTE and dual LAN devices. Lenovo ThinkEdge devices are certified by all leading IoT providers for seamless integration.

Download the ThinkEdge® SE30 datasheet for more details.

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ThinkEdge SE30 I/O Box

Enhance the capabilities of your Edge PC with the ThinkEdge® IoT I/O Box. A PoE, Digital Input/Output and Serial Port add flexibility and adaptability to integrate your embedded PC to your retail, manufacturing or Smart Building IoT ecosystem. Powered by the same DC cable as the Edge PC for easy installation, the ThinkEdge® I/O Box is quick to install, wherever your ThinkEdge® device resides.

ThinkEdge SE50

With 8th Generation Intel® Core™ vPro® processors, 256GB of SSD storage and up to 1 TB of HDD storage, your ThinkEdge® application won’t hold you back. Faster access and powerful processing means you can unlock greater efficiencies within industrial environments. Available CAN bus and expandable NICs (up to 4 ports), enable rapid communication between devices at the edge of your business.

Teamed with Lenovo ThinkShield and clever design features, such as the ability to partition ethernet ports to prevent unwanted access through IoT devices, the Lenovo ThinkEdge® SE50 is an enterprise-ready Edge PC that’s engineered for the business needs of tomorrow.

ThinkEdge SE70

ThinkEdge® SE70 provides enterprise-changing AI and ComputerVision applications that are constrained only by your imagination. With best-in-class engineering, reliability, and scalability, the ThinkEdge SE70 transforms existing camera infrastructure into intelligent automated environments ideal for every industry. The power of edge computing takes your enterprise from data to insights faster than ever. Deploying compute technology right where things and people connect with the network, edge computing delivers the speed and agility required in the modern marketplace.


How is ThinkEdge® different?

Lenovo ThinkEdge®   Non-Tier 1 Providers
Proven quality from the world’s #1 PC manufacturer Quality Unknown
Global service Service/Support Regional or national at best
Protected by ThinkShield Security Unknown
Global certification and leading ISV/cloud certification Certifications Unknown
$43B global leader Vendor Viability Unknown

Powering industry with dramatic
data processing

When you choose an IoT partner, you want one you can rely on. A partner that enables you to focus on what you do best.

Working with Lenovo, you can have confidence that our devices work seamlessly as part of your wider edge infrastructure. That they are reliable and secure. And that, as a Lenovo ThinkEdge® user, you’ll have support that goes beyond integration.

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